Monday, May 30, 2011

Yard Work

I'm ridiculously out of shape.  I did a couple of hours of yard work, and it really wasn't very strenuous work, but I'm beat.  My back hurts, my feet hurt, and I know that my arms and thighs will hurt later on tonight.  I'm a pathetic wiggly blob right now.

I did get a few things done though.  I got my swordfern and shamrock planted in the ground.  Hopefully, my amateurish attempts at gardening don't traumatize them to literal death.  I'm putting my faith in the fact that they're hardy forest plants and survive the elements just fine, and my tampering with their life cycle won't hurt them too much.  I also got black plastic laid down and stapled onto the ground.  In a month or two, hopefully the heat will have killed the weeds dead and leave nice good dirt for me to plant my lavender starts.  Oh yes, that's the other thing I did as well.  Got some lavender starts going.  My goal is to line the border between our yard and the neighbor's yard with glorious lavender plants.  The thought that there really isn't a discernible line between our yard and his kind of bothers me.

My plan sometime this week is to lay more plastic down on the edge of the side walk and by the side of the house, so I can also get the my little ground cover plants on the ground to grow.  Poor little things are stuck in pots.  I also want to get my plastic storage bin ready for composting.  I read that I can make myself a composting bin by getting a Sterilite or Rubbermaid tub, drill holes on top, sides, and bottom and, voila, a compost bin!  For now, I'll sit down and maybe attempt some homework.  Goodness, homework.

I'm days away from my final final in nursing school, the final final before I can take my boards, and I'm still fighting myself to do homework.  Sometimes I wonder what kind of person I will be once it's all over.  Will I get my energy and motivation back?  Will I have the capacity to manage projects like gardening and painting the house and knitting more socks?  I like to think that I will.  I can't stand the idea of becoming even more sedentary once I'm done with school.

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